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EDPA Building

Welcome To The
Economic Development
Partnership of Alabama

The EDPA is a private non-profit organization funded by more than 60 Alabama companies, whose mission is to attract and retain world-class talent across a broad spectrum of interests and industries, support and inspire both industry and innovative/emerging companies whether home-grown or transplanted, expand existing businesses, and be the trusted source for data and insights for key economic drivers and stakeholders for Alabama economic development.

Our Structure

EDPA is a private, non-profit organization supported by more than 60 Corporate Partners. EDPA is governed by a board of directors comprised of the state’s top business leaders committed to the economic growth of Alabama. We’re a team of Alabama Executives supporting workforce development, emerging businesses and community development initiatives.

How We Work

EDPA is the private sector’s means for contributing to Alabama’s economic development success. Our unique structure allows us to work closely with state, regional, corporate and local organizations. In addtion, we help innovative startups and entrepreneurs Start, Stay and Grow in Alabama through Alabama Launchpad, which is a program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama Foundation.

Addressing Key Issues

Throughout our history, EDPA has been a catalyst behind collaborative efforts to address key issues important to Alabama’s competitiveness. EDPA has led or participated in partnerships for workforce development, technology transfer, existing industry support and technology-driven economic development.

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EDPA Initiatives

Our goal is to make Alabama more competitive, more supportive of established and emerging businesses, and more appealing to those looking for the perfect place to build their business through programs like Alabama Launchpad, FuelAL, ALEX, HBCU Innovation Internship and Entrepreneurship 101.

About Alabama Launchpad

The most active private seed funding entity in the state, Alabama Launchpad gives Alabama’s budding entrepreneurs the tools they need to turn their ideas into real-world businesses, helping propel our state to a bigger, brighter, and better tomorrow. Rigorous training and invaluable feedback from our expert Launch Advisors help prepare our contestants for the challenges of business, and our financial seed funding gives rising stars the opportunity they need to reach their full potential.

About FuelAL

FuelAL, in partnership with Innovate Alabama, helps university students understand the range of opportunities available across Alabama by connecting them to communities and community employers. Through interactive events, such as industry treks, community service projects, social mixers and more, FuelAL helps young talent explore beyond the 9-to-5. With FuelAL, young professionals can make connections across the entire state and reap the benefits of living and working in Alabama. We believe that connecting talented students with communities and employers in every corner of the state is key to the success of Alabama’s economic future.

About ALEX

A mobile career expo that travels around the state of Alabama and beyond to connect career seekers to opportunities in Alabama and showcase why it is a great place to call ‘home’. Come by and learn about various career opportunities within our state and the high quality of life that exists here. The expo highlights several of Alabama’s leading industries and the employment opportunities within each sector.

Beyond career searches, ALEX can also help with:

  • Understanding and obtaining the necessary training and skills requirements for each opportunity
  • Financial aid resources related to education & training
  • Starting salaries and benefits for the highlighted careers
About HBCU Innovation Internship

The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA), in partnership with the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and Innovate Alabama, launched the HBCU Innovation Internship Program – designed to diversify the pipeline of tech talent and create opportunities for underserved populations in the tech sector. The 12-week HBCU Innovation Internship Program, which kicked off in January 2024, provides exposure, hands-on work experience, and supplementary professional development for seven selected students from four partnering Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Alabama: Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityMiles CollegeShelton State Community College and Tuskegee University. The program is dedicated to addressing the challenges young Black professionals face and providing them with a pathway to success in the innovative landscape. By placing students from Alabama HBCUs in paid internships across six Alabama-based tech startups, accelerators, and incubators, the program’s aim is to create opportunities and lasting impact. The long-term hope is that these students will not only enjoy careers in startups or innovative organizations, but that they will do so here in Alabama.

About Entrepreneurship 101

The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama Foundation (EDPAF) with Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) funding, aims to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship in the state through Entrepreneurship 101 Workshops. This program serves to strengthen the state’s startups by addressing gaps in the ecosystem. Existing EDPAF programming has revealed that many would-be entrepreneurs outside of the state’s major metro areas don’t have the foundation for building a company or know where to find resources to help. Entrepreneurship 101 workshops will start filling that gap in three communities, with aims to grow statewide.

Alabama Launchpad

The state’s most active early-stage seed fund investor, driving innovation and job growth through startup competitions and ongoing mentoring for Alabama entrepreneurs.




EDPA's annual conference and event showcases, celebrates and stimulates innovation to drive the economic growth and future of Alabama.




This industrial site preparedness program was created in order to make the state more competitive for companies considering Alabama as a site.



Our History

EDPA was formed in 1991 by business leaders who saw a need and shared a vision to make Alabama compete more effectively for major economic development projects on a global stage . The Partnership has been a key player in attracting companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Boeing, Honda, Thyssenkrupp, ArcelorMittal/Outokumpu, Hyundai and Airbus to Alabama. EDPA has joined with state and local officials on hundreds of projects, both large and small, that have added thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to Alabama’s economic base. EDPA has led efforts to market Alabama as an automotive and aerospace leader, while also working to attract investment in every industry.