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Why Alabama?

Business Climate

Alabama is a state that appreciates the contribution of business and industry. Both public and private sectors are committed to helping them succeed. State and local officials work to create a supportive environment that fosters business success through workforce development. That commitment is exemplified by the many world-class companies that have chosen Win with Alabama.

More than 2 million
dedicated, reliable and
skilled workers

Host to more than 425
foreign-based companies
from over 30 nations

160 metropolitan areas
in a 600 mile radius

One of the Healthiest Cost Structures and Business Climates in America.

#1 Best Business Climate

Business Facilities - 2018

#1 State for Manufacturing

Global Trade - 2018

“Top State for Doing Business”

Area Development - 2018

"Airbus is proud to call Mobile, Alabama our industrial home in the U.S. We’re building great things together with the State of Alabama."

Jeffrey Knittel

Chairman/CEO, Airbus Americas

Those who do business in Alabama are in great company.

Global leaders don’t just arrive here. They thrive here.

Alabama is an ideal hub for foreign-based and internationally focused businesses. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama is a gateway to the rapidly growing markets in Mexico, Central and South America. Five Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) and numerous sub zones currently operate in Alabama. Official U.S. Customs Ports-of-Entry are located at Birmingham, Mobile and Huntsville International Airports. Six Alabama banks provide complete international banking services for companies located in Alabama and throughout the Southeast. For more info, check out these links:

Export & Trade
Alabama Germany Partnership
Alabama International Trade Center
The Japan-America Society of Alabama
North Alabama International Trade Association


Focused on Innovation

Alabama supports the innovative spirit in emerging technologies by making investments in those who’ve competitively demonstrated the promise of creating ideas and products with the potential to change the world.

In events throughout the state each year, we seek to bolster the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing universities, entrepreneurs, investors, and companies together to make this new generation of economic development a priority.

Alabama Launchpad, a public-private partnership, is at the core of the state’s strategic economic development plan to create jobs and revenue through innovation, entrepreneurship, research and development, and commercialization.

Learn more by visiting Alabama Launchpad's website.

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