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Peggy SammonCEO, Co-Founder, GeneCapture

EDPA is Heavily Invested in Alabama’s Startup Scene

Alabama has long been known for innovation and acceleration for companies and individuals. In fact, one of the key goals for the state is to attract and retain world-class talent across a broad spectrum of interests and industries, and to support and inspire innovative and emerging companies, whether they are home-grown or have come to call Alabama home.The EDPA initiatives below are recognized for stimulating and growing innovation throughout the state.

A Thriving Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs

Connecting Alabama Companies

In partnership with organizations like Multiply, Birmingham Bound, Endeavor, and more, EDPA is working towards establishing a program to match the needs of large, established businesses in Alabama with products or services from emerging companies in our state. 

Elevating the Network, Virtually

EDPA is building a host of digital resources to promote entrepreneurship across the state, with a particular focus on enhancing networks for mentorship and relationship-building programming.

Support for All Entrepreneurs

Throughout our ecosystem, EDPA strives to support minority, women-owned, and rural businesses, to ensure that every type of entrepreneur can succeed in our state.

Alabama Launchpad: The state’s most active early-stage investor.*

PB-Logo Startups 115 EDPA Investment $6 Million Estimated Valuation $1 Billion

Alabama Launchpad, a program of EDPA, is the state’s most active early seed stage fund for startups and entrepreneurs. Launched in 2006, it is part of an innovation ecosystem that includes access to capital, networking, and other core support and sharing opportunities – to help spur innovation across the state that helps to continually grow the base of technology, a skilled and educated workforce to meet the needs now and for the future, as well as providing creative solutions across a range of business sectors. Our Startup Competitions give early-stage startups the opportunity and momentum critical to take an idea from concept to reality.

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